$100 Million Partnership to Fuel Titans Space Industries Next Phase Announced by NSL & Co. LLC

The strategic partnership with Richard Borsboom, Co-Founder of the firm, will propel the aerospace ambitions of its subsidiary, Titans Space Industries

$100 Million

5% Equity

Valuation $2B

4 Titans Astronauts

Spaceplane Development

NSL & Co. LLC Announces $100 Million Collaboration to Propel Titans Space Industries into Next Phase

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina – March 6, 2024

NSL & Co. LLC, an international investment firm that specializes in large-scale disruptive projects, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Richard Borsboom MScBA, Co-Founder of the firm and a business and finance expert, to propel the aerospace ambitions of its subsidiary, Titans Space Industries. This partnership involves $100 million in funding for Titans Space, accelerating its mission toward the final frontier.

This partnership involves $100 million in funding for Titans Space, accelerating its mission toward the final frontier.

Key Highlights:

✓ Funding structure: Titans Space Industries will receive a total of $100 million to be delivered in installments over the next 12 months.
✓ Strategic partnership: Mr. Borsboom will establish a legal entity receiving a 5% ownership stake in Titans Space, facilitating the investment.
✓ Dutch astronaut inclusion: The arrangement permits the $100 million funding to be contributed by a maximum of four Dutch astronauts, who will not only benefit from the equity stake but also engage in forthcoming Titans Space missions through the Titans Astronauts program.
✓ Bold Vision: Titans Space sets its sights on a prosperous future, with long-term valuation forecasts targeting $1 trillion by 2030. This latest funding round, with a company valuation of $2 billion, promises significant rewards for the Titans Astronauts.
✓ Titans Astronaut program: This $25 million program offers unique space adventures to aspiring astronauts (from 2027 onwards) and equity ownership in Titans Space Industries. Mr. Borsboom, himself a Titans Astronaut, will participate in the company’s Selene Mission – the first crewed lunar landing planned for 2029.
✓ Continued growth: Titans Space actively seeks additional funding at higher valuations to solidify its future.

Titans Space intends to:

✓ Become the largest LEO and Lunar Space tourism company
✓ Become the largest Real Estate owner in Space and the Moon
✓ Become the largest Lunar commerce and mining company (from 2031 onwards)

This strategic partnership empowers Titans Space Industries to pursue its ambitious space endeavors, fostering innovation and exploration for years to come.

✓ Mr. Borsboom will continue to be part of the company’s financing team
✓ Mr. Borsboom played a crucial part in obtaining initial financial incentives for Titans Space amounting to several hundred million dollars.

About Titans Space Industries

TSI was founded by a group of 15 partners with a combined 450 years of business experience, representing investor interests in Titans Universe/TSI. They worked together on numerous projects for a combined 200+ years.

The founding team includes a 28-year-veteran Space entrepreneur and satellite broadband pioneer, a PE fund manager who raised more than $6 billion in capital, a 40+ year rocketry and aerodynamics veteran, a 40+ year Space entrepreneur and activist, a Hall-of-Fame NBA basketball legend, a former Head of Business Development at Apple, a multi-billion-dollar business strategist, and a former MD of KPMG NYC who structured 100+ PE and M&A transactions.

About Richard Borsboom MScBA

Mr. Borsboom has been involved with the Titans Space founding team since 2008 and is part of the company’s financing team.

Mr. Borsboom is the former CFO of companies like Spyker Cars,  Spyker Formula One, and Sandd, and (interim-)executive of numerous other large corporations – both public listed and privately operated. 

Mr. Borsboom is a thoroughly experienced corporate problem solver with decades of executive experience, especially in the business development and financial field. Mr. Borsboom has a proven track record of creating winning environments and successful turnarounds within numerous corporations in order to successfully initiate and execute change processes.

➟ Former CFO of Spyker Cars, Spyker Formula 1, and SandD
➟ Founder Questore
➟ Corporate business strategist
➟ 25+ years business experience
➟ Partner NSL & Co. since 2008

Mr. Borsboom is a generalist with an exceptionally strong financial, operational, and change background, having served in roles at CFO as well as COO levels. He is a people manager who ensures that the company has intrinsic values or changes intrinsically.

Mr. Borsboom has worked at companies in automotive, leasing, insurance, music, high-tech, technology, media, and logistics. These companies all had a serious challenge that his team solved under his leadership.

Mr. Borsboom received a Masters of Science degree in Business Administration(MSCBA) from Erasmus University (2001), with a major in Change Management, and a minor in Marketing Management & Information Management. In 1995, Mr. Borsboom got a diploma as Qualified Controller from NIVE – HOFAM, and he received a Bachelor of Economics degree from Praehep – SPD in 1993.