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Lunar Yacht (Transporter)
The safest way to land on and launch from the Moon

✓ Docks at and leaves from the Titans Lunar OrbitalPort SpaceStation (TLOPSS) to the lunar surface
✓ Deliver cargo and astronauts to lunar surface
✓ Deliver modules to lunar orbit for on-orbit assembly
✓ Refuels at the TLOPSS
✓ Payload: 15-20 metric tons
✓ Capacity: 4-8 persons
✓ Doubles as lunar habitat for short multi-day stays on the surface

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Titans Lunar Yachts are our landing/ascend/P2P vehicles for the Moon.

After studying lunar landers from the Space Race era as well as modern versions proposed by others (from iSpace to SpaceX to Dynatics to Blue Orgin), we decided that a three-legged (horizontal) belly-landing vehicle is the most reliable.

The Titans Lunar Yacht Transporter also doubles as a rocket-powered/flying point-to-point vehicle for lunar surface transportation; it has a habitat module with complete life support and operational systems.

The yacht will dock at/launch from the Lunar Titans OrbitalPort Space Station.

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Safe and Efficient Moon
Landings and Launches

The Titans Lunar Yacht is inspired by the Eagle Transporter (Space: 1999)

The Lunar Yacht is a frequent-reusable transporter that shuttles astronauts and cargo from and to the Titans Lunar OrbitalPort Space Station and the lunar surface.

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