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Titans Space Society

The Titans Space Society is a closed fellowship that is reserved for Titans Astronauts, a group of wealthy well-wishers of humanity who are essential to the realization of Titans Space Industries projects, including spaceplanes, spaceships, space stations, and a large lunar colony.

Lifetime Membership: $25 million for unlimited access to space!
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Titans Space Society Perks

There are many perks for Titans Astronauts as part of the Society.

The Titans Space Society holds monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual events for its Fellows. The frequency and intensity of their involvement with TSI's projects is up to each individual.

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Titans Astronauts have unlimted access to Space

Titans Astronauts are ultra-high-net-worth individuals who pay the company $25-35 million for a lifetime space travel membership. They also represent the largest ownership block of our companies.

Their lifetime membership affords them unlimited (fair use) access to practically all Titans missions and projects.

Titans Astronauts have a two-year exclusive access window to certain projects, like the LEO Space Hotel, Lunar Orbital Hotel, and the Lunar Resort.

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