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Titans Space Shuttle (Orbiter)
For space tourism, travel, launches,
and on-orbit transfers

✓ Single-Stage-To-Orbit, Horizontal Takeoff and Horizontal Landing (from runways)

✓ Space Tourism version: 15-140 pers

✓ Cargo version: 30 - 40 metric tons

✓ Space Tourism: Orbital Cruises: ~5 hours (3 hours in zero-g)

✓ Orbital & Sub-Orbital Transport: from Point to Point

Faster than Concorde;
Capable of Space Transport

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Three Separate Engine Systems
For LEO, Orbital, and Sub-Orbital
Travel and Transport

✓ One Main Titans Rocket Engines

✓ Four High-Bypass, Supersonic-
Airbreather Engines

✓ Four Advanced Orbital Maneuvering System Rocket Engines

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For Space Tourism
Unique Orbital Cruises
around Planet Earth

✓ Altitude: ~300 kilometers

✓ Total flight duration: ~5 hours

✓ Total time in zero-g: ~3.5 hours

✓ Total number of sunrises: Two

✓ Total number of sunrsets: Two

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For Ultra-Fast Travel
Faster than Hypersonic Travel

✓ Sub-Orbital Trajectory (arc)

✓ Flight: 90 minutes to any location

✓ Passengers: Titans Astronauts, VIPs, Government, Military

✓ Cargo: 30 - 40 metric ton

✓ Ascent through a suborbital ballistic arc where the vehicle flies outside the atmosphere but stays below orbital velocity

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For Ultra-Fast Orbital
Point to Point Transport
For Large Cargo (size and weight)

✓ We can deliver directly to and from any airport in the world
✓ Cargo capacity: Space Shuttle: 30-40 tons; Spaceplane: 90- 100 tons
✓ Flight duration: 120-180 minutes to any drop location
✓ Delivery to remote outposts
✓ No forward bases required (for military cargo drops)

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For Sub-Orbital
Point to Point Transport
Transport Personnel & Cargo
Anywhere in ~90 Minutes

Sub-Orbital Trajectory: Ascent through a suborbital ballistic arc where the vehicle flies outside the atmosphere but stays below orbital velocity.

Land at any large airport: The vehicle can land at any contracted airport.

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For Safe Transfers: to Low-Earth Orbit
Beyond Concorde;
Capable of Space Transport

✓ Transfer people and cargo to the LEO Titans OrbitalPort Space Station
✓ Transfer people and cargo to Titans SpaceShips
✓ Enabling on-orbit servicing, maintenance, assembly
✓ Enabling spacecraft launches and retrieval

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Titans Astronauts
Titans Astronauts have unlimited access to Space

Titans Astronauts are founding customers of our companies. They are afforded numerous unique perks, including multiple trips to the Titans Space Hotel and even to the Titania Lunar Resort.

Titans Astronauts, a select group of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, are well-wishers of humanity; they are essential to the realization of Titans Space Industries projects, including spaceplanes, space stations, space solar power systems, a lunar resort, and a large lunar mining and industry colony.

Titans Astronauts are automatically afforded a membership in the world's most exclusive fellowship: The Titans Space Society.

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