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Titans SpaceShips
From LEO to Low Lunar Orbit and Back

✓ Titans SpaceShips are Orbital Transporters that are built on Earth in modular parts.
✓ As they fit perfectly in the Titans Spaceplanes they can either be transported to Low-Earth Orbit in one piece or assembled on-orbit, similar to how the International Space Station was assembled in space.
✓ The Orbital Transporters take off to the Titans space station in the Moon's orbit with up to 24 astronauts and ~80-100 metric ton of cargo.

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Titans Spaceships stay in Space

Operations-wise, the Orbital Transporters are refilled on-orbit (in Space or at our LEO space base) by way of multiple removable 45-ton External Tanks that attach to the vehicle. The propellant will be enough for a return trip.

The Orbital Transporter will dock at/launch from either the LEO or Lunar Titans OrbitalPort Space Station.

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Safe and Efficient Moon
Landings and Launches

The Titans Lunar Yacht is inspired by the Eagle Transporter (Space: 1999)

The Lunar Yacht is a frequent-reusable transporter that shuttles astronauts and cargo from and to the Titans Lunar OrbitalPort Space Station and the lunar surface.

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