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Space-based Research in Micro- or Lunar Gravity
In the near future, researchers can conduct their important work on Titans Space properties:
✓ On the Titans Spaceplanes (LEO)
✓ On the LEO Titans Space Station
✓ On the Lunar Titans Space Station
✓ On the Titans SpaceShips (cislunar)
at Titania Lunar Colony
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On Titans Spaceplanes
Our spaceplanes can cruise in Low-Earth Orbit anywhere from 5 hours to several weeks
✓ Almost identitcal to International Space Station
✓ Altitude: 300-555 kilometers
✓ Zero-G
✓ Orbiting Earth: Every 90 minutes
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On Titans SpaceShips
Our spaceships will transport people and cargo to and from Lunar orbit
✓ Microgravity
✓ ~Three days to reach the Lunar Space Station
✓ ~Three days to return to Low-Earth Orbit
✓ Weekly missions to and from Lunar Orbit
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On Titans OrbitalPort
Space Stations

Similar to NASA's International Space Station, the LEO Titans OrbitalPort Space Station (TOPSS) will travel at about 28,000 kilometers per hour (17,500 mph). At this speed, and at an altitude of ~400 kilometers, the LEO TOPSS will orbit Earth every 90 minutes, which offers astronauts sixteen sunrises and sunsets, every 24 hours.

Besides the Titans Space Hotel in Low-Earth Orbit, we will also own and operate the Titans Lunar Orbital Hotel, which is part hotel and part lunar science lab.

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On Titans OrbitalPort
Space Stations

Manufacturing and assembly of the Lunar OrbitalPort modules on Earth starts in 2025, on-orbit construction starts in 2027/2028.

Part of the Lunar TOPSS will be uitilized as a Lunar Orbital Hotel.

Titans' objective is to practically always expand the OrbitalPort in a semi-detached modular fashion.

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Ultimate Objective:
Commercializing, Mining, and Industrializing the Moon

A Lunar Utopia for Large Scale R&D and Space Manufacturing

Our ultimate objective is to build a large lunar colony in the next decade.

All Titans Space projects are meant to support our ultimate objective to build and operate a large colony on the Moon for commercialization, mining, and industrialization.

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