Titans Space Industries’ response to NASA’s Moon to Mars Strategy & Objectives Development

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The document has been updated (April 2024) to reflect the inclusion of the Selene Mission architecture. 

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From Earth's Surface to the Lunar Surface
Titans Space is the only company in the world that will own and operate the four main infrastructure components that would make end-to-end space travel safe, efficient, and less costly.
In the near future, you will arrive at a particular Titans spaceport facility, and a few days later you will step on the lunar surface to spend a few days at the Titania Lunar Colony.
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Much Safer and Cheaper than Rockets!
The Titans space transportation system will accelerate space travel by decades
Currently, all space travel and space launch missions are severely restricted because there is only one way to get off planet Earth (and go to the Moon and further): Rockets.
This is where the Titans space transportation systems bring about a revolutionary paradigm shift.
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The four main Titans Space Transportation System infrastructure components are:

The main differences between Titans space projects and others' are rooted in the fact that we own and operate our proprietary end-to-end (Earth surface to Lunar surface and vice versa) space transportation systems.

1: Spaceplanes
2: Spaceships
3: Space Stations
4: Lunar transporters

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Titans Spaceplanes
Beyond Concorde;
Capable of Space Transport

The Titans Spaceplane is a kind of airplane with a propulsion system and heat shielding that allows it to operate in the vacuum of space and to reenter Earth's atmosphere.

The Titans Spaceplane is the first spaceplane to take off from a runway like an airplane.

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Titans SpaceShips:
To the Moon and Back!

✓ Titans SpaceShips are built on Earth in modular parts
✓ They are transported by Titans Spaceplanes to Low-Earth Orbit where they are assembled on-orbit, similar to how the International Space Station was assembled in space.
✓ These spaceships take off to the Titans space station in the Moon's orbit with six to twenty people, and ~100 metric ton of cargo.

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Titans OrbitalPort Space Stations: Part Hotel, Part Science Lab

Similar to NASA's International Space Station, the LEO Titans OrbitalPort Space Stations (TOPSS) will travel at about 28,000 km/h (17,500 mph). At this speed, and at an altitude of ~400 km (285 mi), the LEO TOPSS will orbit Earth every 90 minutes, which gives guests sixteen sunrises and sunsets, every 24 hours.

Besides the LEO TOPSS, TSI will also own and operate the Lunar Titans OrbitalPort Space Station (Lunar TOPSS), which is also part hotel and part lunar R&D lab.

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Titans OrbitalPort
Space Stations

Manufacturing and assembly of the Lunar OrbitalPort parts on Earth starts in 2025, on-orbit construction starts in 2027/2028.

Part of the Lunar TOPSS will be uitilized as a Lunar Orbital Hotel.

Titans' objective is to practically always expand its OrbitalPorts in a semi-detached modular fashion.

Ultimately, in the coming decades, thousands of guests and twenty or more spaceplanes and spaceships will be accommodated at the LEO OrbitalPort and the Lunar OrbitalPort as well.

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Titans Lunar Yacht Transporter

Titans Lunar Yacht Transporters are our land/ascend and point-to-point vehicles for the Moon.

After studying lunar landers from the Space Race era as well as modern versions proposed by others (from iSpace to SpaceX to Dynatics to Blue Orgin), we decided that a three-legged (horizontal) belly-landing vehicle is the most reliable.

The Titans Lunar Yacht Transporter also doubles as a rocket-powered/flying point-to-point vehicle for lunar surface transportation; it has a habitat module with complete life support and operational systems.

The Transporter will dock at/launch from the Lunar Titans OrbitalPort Space Station.

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Our Ultimate Objective:
a resort at Titania Lunar Colony

Our ultimate objective is to build a large lunar colony in the next decade.

Titania Lunar Resort is part of the lunar colony development.

All Titans Space projects are meant to support our ultimate objective to build and operate a large colony and to mine the Moon. This includes building our proprietary infrastructure (ranging from spaceplanes that take off from a runway on Earth, to spacecraft, to a lunar colony), as well as generating revenue through space tourism.

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Titans Astronauts have unlimited access to Space

Titans Astronauts are founding customers of our companies. They are offered numerous unique perks, including unlimited trips to the Titans Space Stations and even to the Titania Lunar Resort.

Titans Astronauts, a select group of UHNWIs, are well-wishers of humanity; they are essential to the realization of Titans Space Industries projects, including spaceplanes, space stations, space solar power systems, a lunar resort, and a large lunar mining and industry colony.

Titans Astronauts are automatically afforded a membership in the world's most exclusive fellowship: The Titans Space Society.

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