Ultra-Fast Travel | Sub-Orbital Space Travel

From $25K | Inside a Spaceplane

Bonus: You'll be an Astronaut

View Earth from 200 km

Duration: ~90 minutes

Float Zero-G: 10-15 mins

View a Large Part of the World

Perks include Stock Options


Despite the media hype surrounding rockets like SpaceX’s Starship, routine space transportation, including human space travel, by means of rockets will not reach large numbers, basically due to the inherent risks and limitations of such vehicles.

For large scale space travel and space cargo transport to reach efficiency and safety levels like air travel/air cargo, the vehicles we use must operate like airplanes.Sp

Titans Spaceplanes are the holy grail of aerospace; they are designed as a revolutionary space transportation system that eliminates the need for expensive launch facilities, vehicle assembly buildings, and (expendable or reusable) all-rocket boosters. 

A Titans Spaceplane can operate from any (partnered) large airport, and it can carry 15 to 330 astronauts or a 90-100 ton payload into any 555-km (300 nmi) orbit; it uses multi-cycle airbreather propulsion to reach the top of the troposphere and then ignites its rocket engines to reach Low-Earth Orbit.

Titans Sub-Orbital | Space Tourism | Ultra-Fast Travel

Sub-Orbital Zero-G Flights and Ultra-Fast Space Travel will be operated by Titans Sub-Orbital (TSO), a spin off company from Titans Space Industries. TSO’s main objective is to make space tourism and space travel affordable for the general public, with prices starting at just $25,000. 

Bonus: TSO travelers automatically become astronauts. The USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recognizes flight above 80 km to designate individuals as astronauts; the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) recognizes the 100 km Karman line as the internationally accepted boundary to space.

The first 500 individuals booking a Sub-Orbital Zero-G Flights or Orbital Cruise will become Launching Astronauts, affording them special perks.

Sub-Orbital Zero-G/Space Travel flights are the best way to view much of the world in ~90 minutes. You will experience 10-15 minutes in zero-g weightless mode.  

Sub-Orbital flights will be available from H2-2027 onward, as soon as the Titans Spaceplanes become operational. 

The full experience for one person starts at $25,000.

Sub-Orbital Space Travel | Point to Point | Faster than Hypersonic Travel

Titans Spaceplanes are capable of ultra-fast point to point (P2P) travel on Earth, able to land at any partner airports in the world within 90 minutes. No other form of transportation can compete with this speed. 

P2P travel for the public will be available from 2030 onward on more than five popular routes and will cost between US$20K to $50K for a one-way ticket. 

The Sub-Orbital P2P experience will be somewhat similar to the Sub-Orbital Zero-G Flight space tourism experience. As such, P2P flights between 2027 and 2030 will be handled as space tourism or space transport.

Sub-Orbital Space Travel | Specs

✓  Sub-Orbital Trajectory (arc)

✓  Flight time: 45-90 minutes to any location

✓  Capacity: 20 – 140 persons

✓  Cargo capacity: 90 – 100 tons

✓  Ascent through a suborbital ballistic arc where the vehicle flies outside the atmosphere but stays below orbital velocity

Launching Astronauts are individual customers who partake in our space travel programs – as flyers on an Orbital Cruise or a Sub-Orbital Space Travel/Zero-G Flight. They are the only individuals (besides Titans Astronauts and Guest Astronauts) who can book cruises and flights until 2031 – bookings are otherwise reserved for groups only.   

Guest Astronauts

Guest Astronauts are space tourists who pay a minimum of US$2.5 million for six VIP orbital cruises and six VIP sub-orbital space travel/zero-g flights.  They are enrolled in the world’s most exclusibe membership club, the Titans Fellowship, which affords them incredible non-space related perks for five years. 

Titans Astronauts

Titans Astronauts are ultra-high-net-worth individuals who pay Titans Space $25-35 million for a lifetime space travel membership. Their lifetime membership affords them unlimited access to practically all Titans missions and projects.