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Titans Space Industries |
Titans Spaceplanes & Space Technologies
This website concerns projects developed by Titans Spaceplanes & Space Technologies TSST and Titans Space Industries TSI (jointly referred to as Titans Space).
Both companies operate (for the foreseeable future) in stealth mode. This website ( and the TSI website ( aim to provide ample information to the public.
The main stars of our most immediate project, Titans Spaceplanes, were first envisioned for the large space tourism and orbital infrastructure projects that Titans Space Industries (TSI) is currently preparing, including its own commercial space station.
These projects require long-term routine operations comparable to commercial airline/ airfreight operations.
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Titans Space Founding Team
TSI was founded by a group of 15 partners with a combined 450 years of experience, representing investor interests in TSI.
The founding team includes a Satellite Broadband and technology pioneer, a 40+years rocketry and aerodynamics veteran, a 40+ years Space entrepreneur and technology veteran, a PE fund manager who raised more than $6 billion in capital, a Hall-of-Fame NBA basketball legend, a former Head of Business Development at Apple, a multi-billion-dollar business strategist, a former MD of a Big 4 firm who advised on 100+ transactions, and the former CFO of a Formula One racing team and public listed companies.
Our Founding CEO, Neal S. Lachman is a serial entrepreneur with 35 years of investment, business, space, technology, and telecom experience. He has been a space entrepreneur ever since 1994/1995 when he and two of his brothers applied and received three international digital satellite broadcast licenses. In 1992, he picked up the phone and started communicating with companies like PanAmSat.
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The Decision to Focus on Spaceplanes and Spacecraft
TSI finalized its feasibility study and preliminary design review for its spaceplanes project in February 2023.
During the company's spaceplanes research, which lasted more than fifteen months, the team realized that they could dominate the space travel, space tourism, and space launch industries once the spaceplanes would be up and running.
The team decided, based on the staggering conclusions, to spin off the spaceplanes project into a separate company: Titans Spaceplanes & Space Technologies or TSST.
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Titans Space Executive Team

The TSI founding team is being joined by several aerospace and rocketry experts, including 40-year-veteran Franklin Ratliff as Founding CTO.

Titans Space is represented by Neal S. Lachman (CEO), Franklin Ratliff (CTO), and Farooq Malik, MBA (CFO).

The team has access to a global network of aerospace and rocketry experts and has the support of several consulting and advisory firms to assist in their many projects.

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From Low-Earth Orbit Space Tourism to visiting the Titania Lunar Resort
Titans Space's ultimate objective is to establish Titania Lunar, a colony on the Moon to industrialize and mine the Moon within the next 10-15 years. This includes a resort!
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Titans Astronauts have unlimited access to Space

Titans Astronauts are ultra-high-net-worth individuals who pay the company $25-35 million for a lifetime space travel membership. They also represent the largest ownership block of our companies.

Their lifetime membership affords them unlimited (fair use) access to practically all Titans missions and projects.

Titans Astronauts have a two-year exclusive access window to certain projects like the LEO Space Hotel, Lunar Orbital Hotel, and the Lunar Resort.

As founding citizens of Titania Lunar, Titans Astronauts will be recognized among the first true colonizers of space.

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