Orbital Transport

People Transport & Pin-Point Cargo Drops to Anywhere in 120-180 Minutes

A Dream Come True for Military and Disaster Relief Efforts

Cargo: 90-100 Tons

Pin-Point Exact Drops

3-5 Drops p/day

Duration: <180 Minutes


Despite the media hype surrounding rockets like SpaceX’s Starship, routine space transportation, including human space travel, by means of rockets will not reach large numbers, basically due to the inherent risks and limitations of such vehicles.

For large scale space travel and space cargo transport to reach efficiency and safety levels like air travel/air cargo, the vehicles we use must operate like airplanes.

Titans Spaceplanes are the holy grail of aerospace; they are designed as a revolutionary space transportation system that eliminates the need for expensive launch facilities, vehicle assembly buildings, and (expendable or reusable) all-rocket boosters. 

A Titans Spaceplane can operate from any (partnered) large airport, and it can carry 15 to 330 astronauts or a 90-100 ton payload into any 555-km (300 nmi) orbit; it uses multi-cycle airbreather propulsion to reach the top of the troposphere and then ignites its rocket engines to reach Low-Earth Orbit.

For missions requiring higher orbital altitudes, a kit can be installed in the cargo bay with additional propellant for the OMS engines. 

The Titans Spaceplanes can also function as a first stage for all kinds of missions, from LEO to Deep Space. 

Orbital Transport | Price

Orbital Transport follows similar procedures as the Orbital Cruises with the difference that the Orbital transport operations are operated on a contract basis (e.g. with the miliary or government agencies) for non-Space-tourism purposes. In case of long term commitments, Titans Space can offer steep discounts to these customers.

The Orbital trajectory allows Titans Spaceplanes to transport up to 330 persons to any partner air/spaceport or to drop up to 100 MT cargo to any location in the world within 120-180 minutes with pin-point precision.