Dr. Chris Shove | Founding Chief Strategy Officer

A Distinguished 40+ Year Career in Aerospace, Urban and Regional Planning, International Development, and Higher Education

Dr. Christopher Shove

Founding Chief Strategy Officer


  • ➤ Dr. Christopher Shove brings more than 40 years of international experience to Titans Universe and Titans Space Industries.
  • ➤ Dr. Christopher Shove ‘s career is marked by a dedication to urban and regional planning, international development, and higher education. His extensive experience, coupled with his commitment to continuous learning and teaching, underscores his significant contributions to these fields. Through his leadership roles, consulting work, and academic endeavors, Dr. Shove has made a lasting impact on communities and institutions worldwide.
  • ➤ At the start of his career (1983), Dr. Shove was the Assistant Director of the Florida Economic Development Center at the College of Business, Florida State University, while enrolled in his Ph.D. program. Until 1987, he supervised a team of graduate students in conducting economic development studies and publications for Florida. His responsibilities included writing economic development feasibility studies and grant applications, as well as providing business technical assistance to entrepreneurs.
  • ➤ From 1987 to 1989, Dr. Shove served as the Economic Analyst and Director of the Office of Space Programs at the Florida Department of Commerce. In this role, he conducted economic analyses on state and industry trends to shape statewide economic policies aimed at attracting tourism, film production, and industrial development. He was appointed to the Governor’s Commission on Space, reporting to the President of Martin Marietta Space & Missiles Group and Jeb Bush, the Florida Commerce Secretary.
  • ➤Dr. Shove was promoted to Director of the Office of Space Programs where he spearheaded the planning of the first U.S. commercial spaceport and attracted space firms to Florida, leading to the successful operation of the state spaceport. Additionally, he advised the U.S. Secretaries of Commerce and Transportation and the NASA Administrator on space commerce issues.
  • ➤ Dr. Shove was a governor’s appointee to the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority, resulting in the development of the Oklahoma Air & Space Port, a public-use airport and industrial airpark that has facilities for aerospace testing, research and development, flights, and launches.
  • ➤ Since 2000, Dr. Shove has been a member of the Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium , Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University supporting NASA. He is an International Consultant on regional development to countries in Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia to firms and foreign governments. He was the Sole Faculty Adviser of the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma which certifies U.S. economic development professionals. 
  • Some of his presentations include “Abu Dhabi Spaceport Policy Analysis” (2010) for the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, Abu Dhabi, UAE; “Planning Spaceports” (October 2013) at the United Nations Small Satellites Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and “Lunar Base Construction Technologies” (Apr 2021), at the Engineering Technology Department seminar Missouri Western State University.

Awards and Honors:

Dr. Shove’s distinguished career has earned him numerous accolades, including the Commander’s Medal for Meritorious Civilian Service in Afghanistan, the Global War on Terrorism Medal, the Outstanding Innovative Leadership Award from Zayed University, and the Excellence in Higher Education Award from the Northland Missouri Chamber of Commerce. His contributions have been recognized by prestigious institutions and organizations globally. 

Educational Background 

Dr. Christopher Shove boasts an impressive academic background, underpinned by a Ph.D. in Urban & Regional Planning from Florida State University (1988). His doctoral research focused on international development, integrating both social science and civil engineering theories and methodologies. Prior to this, he earned a Master of Arts in City & Regional Planning from Clemson University, specializing in regional economic development. Dr. Shove’s academic journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, laying a strong foundation for his future contributions to the field.

Professional Education
Dr. Shove’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through his participation in numerous professional education programs. These include “Teaching with Simulations” at the S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Harvard Business Publishing (2021), and the “US Army Foreign Service Advisers Program” (2011), among others. These programs have equipped him with advanced skills in leadership, management, and simulation-based teaching, enhancing his ability to train and advise effectively.

Professional Experience

Simwerx LLC (2021-present)
As President of Simwerx LLC, Dr. Shove leads an international team in the production of computer simulations that integrate social science theories with science, technology, and engineering for educational purposes. His role involves design, coding, and the integration of these simulations into executable programs, which are sold globally.
Xtreme Habitats Institute (2020-2021)
In his capacity as Executive Director and Advisor, Dr. Shove conducted research and assessed technologies for 3D concrete printing of housing in Arctic Alaska, based on NASA’s lunar habitat plans. He supervised contracts with the Pennsylvania State University Engineering Department, funded by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and the U.S. Denali Commission.
Missouri Western State University (2020-2022)
Serving as an Adjunct Instructor in the Engineering Technology Department, Dr. Shove wrote and secured NASA grants for scholarships, seminars, and computer programming initiatives related to NASA’s Artemis Mission to the Moon. Dr. Shove acquired the largest federal grant for the university to build a technology business incubator.
Consultant (1990-2021)
Over three decades, Dr. Shove has been a consultant for various regional development projects, conducting research, writing presentations, and securing grants for new ventures. His clients include governments, NGOs, and firms in the USA, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Russia.
Westat (2019)
As a Data Collector, Dr. Shove conducted research interviews for the National Health and Aging Trends Study for Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, covering northern Kansas City, Missouri.
The 27 Committee, Inc. (2016-2018)
Dr. Shove led this non-profit corporation in researching and reporting on the economic impact of Fort Leavenworth, KS, and the U.S. Army on the Kansas City Metropolitan area. He acquired pledges for a Global Security Innovation Center aimed at educating military service members and veterans.
E9 Enterprises (2015-2016)
As an Economic Liaison, Dr. Shove implemented a U.S. Veterans Affairs program to encourage Kansas City firms to hire veterans and collaborated with regional higher education institutions to improve veteran enrollment.
Montana Business Assistance Connection (2013-2015)
In this role, Dr. Shove directed a non-profit corporation providing business loans and technical analysis. He negotiated the cleanup and sale of a polluted industrial site, contributing significantly to the state’s capital development.
US Army (2011-2012)
As a Senior Social Scientist, Dr. Shove conducted research and analysis in Afghanistan, supporting counter-insurgency operations. His work earned him the Commander’s Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Medal.
Zayed University (2009-2011)
As the Founding Executive Director of the Institute for Community Engagement, Dr. Shove established a financially self-sufficient institute in the UAE, providing workforce training and technical assistance to various national and international clients.
Alfaisal University (2008-2009)
In his role as Senior Vice Provost Academic Affairs and Interim Dean of the Business College, Dr. Shove played a pivotal role in the academic and operational development of this new research university in Saudi Arabia.
Western Institute, Missouri Western University (2004-2008)
Dr. Shove served as the Founding Dean, leading a financially self-sufficient institute that provided continuing education and technical assistance, implementing numerous courses and research centers.
University of Toledo (2001-2004)
As Director and Associate Professor, Dr. Shove directed the Center for Geographic Information Sciences and Applied Geography, leading student teams in social science analysis using GIS technology.
Space Data Systems (2000-2002)
Dr. Shove founded and led this venture, developing urban information systems using high-resolution satellite imagery for urban research.
University of Oklahoma (1990-2000)
As Associate Professor and Chairman of the Regional & City Planning Division, Dr. Shove prepared and taught courses, implemented gaming simulations, and acquired federal grants for university research centers.
Florida Department of Commerce (1987-1989)
As an Economic Analyst and later Director of the Office of Space Programs, Dr. Shove conducted economic analyses and planned the first U.S. commercial spaceport.
Florida Economic Development Center (1983-1987)
While pursuing his Ph.D., Dr. Shove supervised a team of graduate students conducting economic development studies and providing business technical assistance.
Military Service 
Dr. Shove served as a First Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers and Air Defense Artillery in the Army National Guard (1977-1985) and as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marines (1971-1974), receiving an honorable discharge and approval for military service-connected disability by the U.S. Veterans Affairs.
Awards and Honors
Dr. Shove’s distinguished career has earned him numerous accolades, including the Commander’s Medal for Meritorious Civilian Service in Afghanistan, the Global War on Terrorism Medal, the Outstanding Innovative Leadership Award from Zayed University, and the Excellence in Higher Education Award from the Northland Missouri Chamber of Commerce. His contributions have been recognized by prestigious institutions and organizations globally. 
Courses Taught 
Dr. Shove has taught a wide range of courses across multiple institutions, including Introduction to Sociology, Regional Analysis and Development, Geographic Information Systems, and various courses on city and regional planning. His extensive teaching experience spans undergraduate and graduate levels, both in-person and online.